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Support from and for our local community

As a non for profit organisation, we appreciate all the support that we receive from our local community.  These are some of the people who are able to support us, and whom we in our turn have been able to support.

Ipswich City Council 

Ipswich City Council have supported us with a grant to purchase 12 pairs of long arm loppers for our carers to use when gathering forage for the wildlife - thankyou Ipswich City Council. 

2021 I.C.C. has also supported three of our carers to purchase new aviaries and food for the wildlife in care.  

May 2022 I.C.C. have again supported ONARR with funds to purchase a pair of loppers, both head and hand held torches and some hanging baskets to make into dreys.  

I.C.C. has supported several of our wildlife carers with food to support animals during the harsh flood times plus the animals in care.  May 2022

I.C.C. has supported us by giving us a grant to purchase stationary for the group, teats for our macropods, possums and flying-foxes, and food for our wildlife.   October 2022 

I.C.C. has granted us the funds to purchase an indoor wildlife cage.  April 2023 

I.C.C. has granted us the funds to purchase milk for our macropods and food for other wildlife.  September 2023


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Moreton Bay Council 

Moreton Bay Council has supported ONARR carers by giving us a grant to purchase food for our wildlife, including macropod milk, Impact Colostrum, Insectivore, Protexin, Granivore, feeding spoons, Fruit and nuts for big parrots, Neocare for handrearing young birds and Probiotic powder to keep all those tummies in good order!          Oct 2021 

Moreton Bay Regional Council has supported some of our carers by granting us the funds to purchase 2 x 3 metre Cat net pens for use with our little macropods.                                                 May 2022

MBRC has granted us the funds to purchase a smaller catnet pen for use with little macropods in an indoor setting - keeping them safe at night.  They have also supplied funds to allow us to purchase food stuffs for our wildlife in care.  April 2023



The Rescue Collective have very generously donated food stuffs, caring baskets, milk, cages and other medical equipment to support our wildlife carers.  They support us all through the year with donations of handmade pouches for marsupials, crocheted nests for little birds and animals, and medical equipment like syringes for feeding our little ones. 

2023  During this year ARC have supported our carers with food for their dogs and cats, allowing us to spend more money on our wildlife.  ARC received these food donations from: 


Please support these companies who support our wildlife in care. 


Bunnings, Brown's Plains  & Indooroopilly

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council have been great supporters of our group through their Community grants.  The Brisbane City Council has supported us to have our new release trailers painted with our logo. 

They have also supported our carers with funds from grants to purchase wildlife caring equipment, and have some brochures made.  Thank you, Brisbane City Council.

2022 B.C.C have granted us the funds to purchase a mobile humidicrib.  


A big thank you to Bunnings at Brown's Plains for allowing us to raise funds for our wildlife through hosting BBQ's at their store.  

A big thank you to Bunnings at Indooroopilly for giving us a $100 voucher as prize in our fund raising raffle. 


Gambling Community Benefit Fund

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund gave ONARR a grant to purchase two new release trailers and a laptop in 2020.  



Community Sustainability Action Grants

Corporate Governance and Operations

Department of Environment and Science

ONARR received a grant from the Communuity Sustainability Action Group, Corporate Governance and Operations, Department of Environment and Science to purchase gear for our Bat Carers.  We purchased Bat Maxes, feeding equipment, teats, cleaning equipment and hanging stands plus some wonderful carry cages for our carers.  Thank you DES. 

2023 D.E.S. has supported us with the funds to purchase food and equipment for our wildlife.  They have also supported three of our carers, Susan, Linda and Beverley, with aviaries, cages, caring equipment and food.  



Running a group like ONARR costs money - particularly for photocopying i.e. our licenses and manuals. The people listed below have helped with negating the costs of photocopying.  Thank you!  2022 & 2023

Logan City Council 


Logan City Council approved a grant to ONARR to pay for the cost of building a new flying-fox release aviary at Logan Reserve.  The Logan Council donated $9000.00 to assist us in having this aviary built.  The aviary is finished and in full use.  Thank you, Logan City Council, for your generous and much needed support . 

Logan City Council also supported us by building a fox-proof fence for one of our carers, and purchasing an aviary for raising birds and possums.  

In 2021 Logan Council again supported our carers by paying for a workshop for them to attend.  They also purchased 20 Snugglesafe Heat pads for our members to use with their wildlife, and some Biolac Milk for a couple of our people to use.  



WIRES who are based in NSW gave ONARR a grant to purchased some mobile fencing for macropods, bedding materials, seed and lorikeet mix for our wildlife who had been doing it tough due to the drought in Qld.  Thank you, WIRES, your support is much appreciated.   

2022 WIRES arranged an account for ONARR to purchase food stuffs for our wildlife.  We bought Wombaroo milk and other goodies for our little furry friends.  

2023 WIRES have supported our carers with a grant through Newcraft to purchase food for our wildlife. 

MP Jim Madden

MP Jennifer Howard

MP Shayne Neuman

MP Anika Wells

Councilor Jared Cassidy

Councilor Sandy Landers

MP Peter Dutton

MP Yvette D'Arth


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