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Joining O.N.A.R.R. 

Interested in caring, supporting or releasing our native animals?  This is the documentation that you need to be reading through to help you make that decision. 

Double Trouble - Brushtail Joeys - L. D'Arcy

Conditions of Membership - O.N.A.R.R.


If you are looking for a wildlife group to join, as a caring member, a support member, or a release site, and you are interested in O.N.A.R.R., you will need to be aware of our conditions of membership before applying.  Every carer must keep Caring Records on the animals in their care, and submit a History Sheet summary of those records every quarter.  ONARR supplies a format for you to use. 

All caring members must attend one workshop before beginning caring but must also complete two workshops per year to retain their license for the following year. 

Should you wish to care for more than one species, then you must attend at least one workshop per species, each financial year.

Release sites are licensed for releases only, not caring.  No history sheets or returns are expected. 

Support members do not complete any history sheets or documentation. 

Abby - J. Chew

Membership Application Form


All applications to join O.N.A.R.R. must go through three Committee members first.  

Before receiving an animal from O.N.A.R.R., you will need to ensure that you have the correct facilities to raise your orphan.  You will also need to have attended at least one workshop. 

To apply for membership, please print the membership form, and read the Conditions of Membership on the second page. The form is electronic so you can save it and send it be email, or print it, scan and send it in, or even use snail mail!  You will also need to apply for your Rehabilitation Permit from ONARR.  


Shopping List for new carers


This document is a shopping list for new carers.  You will need to have at least some of the items on this list before beginning caring.  

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