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How to make a possum drey

Making a drey for possums to sleep in is an easy thing to do, escpecially if you are unable to obtain a box.  Purchase or reuse two hanging baskets to make this lovely comfy home. 

Remove the chains from one of the hanging baskets, as you will only need one with hanging chains.   

Remove the wire in two sections of the basket, to create an entrance and an exit (just in case any nasties come calling!) Be sure to file any rough edges to prevent injuries to the animals using the drey.

Line the basket with coconut fibre.  On the basket that is on the top, wire the fibre to the top of the basket struts to prevent it drooping. 

Wire the two baskets together, and hang in a high safe place. 

Wait for a new resident to come calling. 

Ringtail colony of 5 - B. Clarke

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