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Interested in being a wildlife carer?

Tawny family - J & R. Le-Bherz

Bobuck Mother wih Joey -

L. Christensen

Frankenstein - Brushtail Possum - B. Clarke

   There can be night time feeds, and all day squawking, lots of washing, chasing insects, building aviaries, cleaning cages, and the list goes on.  Raising a joey or chick from such a small age (and a big disadvantage) always requires serious dedication to the job but being a wildlife carer is truly rewarding.


And the job never ends.  No sooner do you wave goodbye to one little charge, and someone is knocking on your door with the next hopeful resident.   However, there is nothing in this life that will give you such a ‘high’ as the trust these little creatures place in you.  A small joey paw that reaches out to pat your face, and pull you close for a nose to nose possum kiss, or a little bird that takes off on his first flight to land upside-down and ruffled at your feet.   So, you right the little bird, give further encouragement, and watch for the next time he takes off, landing properly this time (well, almost….).  And then there are those big guys that come in, after an unfortunate accident with domestic pets or human vehicles.   Even the big guys give you trust, seeming to know that we are trying to heal the injuries that they have. 
However, for all its rewards wildlife caring is not to be taken lightly.  There are financial costs involved, and time constraints.  All financial costs are born by the carer.  Wildlife groups support their carers financially as much as they can by buying required items in bulk and supplying to carers at cost price, but it is still an expensive 'hobby'.  It takes approximately 6 - 8 weeks to raise a baby bird, possums take 6 - 8 months, and macropods can take up to 18 months. 
Read the Conditions of Membership on the membership form carefully before making a final decision.  Or contact one of us for further information.  
If you are interested in joining us in our endeavours the membership form and the Permit Endorsement Application need to be downloaded, completed and forwarded back to or ONARR, 11-17 Islandview St., Barellan Point 4306.  We will then forward our banking details to you for your membership fee, which is $40 for a single membership or $55 for a family.  We look forward to having you join us.
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