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Help O.N.A.R.R.


Are you able to give us a 'helping hand'?



All carers at O.N.A.R.R. are self-funded - that is we use our own money to pay for any items / food / vet care and medicines we need for injured wildlife in our care.  We welcome donations to our group. If you would like to make a financial donation into our bank account, please contact a committee member through our email or ring the President or Secretary for details.


However, there are other ways you can help us apart from donating funds.  We are always in need of pouches for our little ones.  Pouches need to be made of soft materials, but no loose strands of cotton or fabric.  A hand towel, folded in half and sewn down two sides is ideal.  The pouch needs to have a curved base like a real pouch would. 


We need pillowcases, to sew ribbons on near the top, to use as rescue pouches for in our cars.


We need towels for our animals.


We need cages that you are no longer using, that are still in reasonable condition.  We are happy to take an aviary off your hands to give to a carer in need. 

We desperately and constantly need release sites for our animals.  Acreage is best, in outer suburbia.  Contact a member of our committee to discuss if you are able to offer your place as a release site. 

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