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Electrocution of Flying-foxes

All of these bats were electrocuted and had babies on board.   There were 8-10 and nobody called it in.  The babies would have died on their mum when they could have been rescued.   It is important that any bats on power lines are checked to see if they are dead and if there is a baby, then Energex notified ASAP because a bat hanging on a line will attract others.

Barbed wire Fencing and Flying-foxes

This poor young juvenile Flying-Fox died on this barbed-wire fence because no-one was caring enough to call.   It was caught right in front of where passengers for the ferries to the Bay Islands park their cars.   Sadly this is the second one this has happened to.    The other bat was also left to die.    This barbed wire fence is on Council property and native food trees have unfortunately been planted right next to the fence.   Native trees are so beautiful and are a good way to hide the terrible barbaric fence.  

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