If you have found wildlife, and the animal/bird is bleeding, in pain, or in need of immediate vet care, please contact your local vet, the R.S.P.C.A. Wildlife Hospital on 3426 9910 or Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on 1300 369 652.   
If you have found an injured or orphaned flying fox, ring 3030 2245.

​Tilly -       

Eastern Grey                         Kangaroo  

A. Thompson

Lounging around - A. Thompson

Frankenstein - Brushtail Joey

B. Clarke

Orphaned wildlife should be taken to a responsable organisation who will allocate a carer to look after it.  

Injured animals should be taken to a vet, a wildlife organisation like Australia Zoo or RSPCA in Wacol.

Tock - Pheasant Coucal

B. Clarke

Whiskas - Bandicoot - B. Clarke

Beka - Black Flying Fox Pup

M. Wall


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