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Would you like to be a release site for native animals?

The ideal release site for native animals is a property which has a bit of room for movement, a couple of hectares, with neighbouring properties which are compatible to the release.

Our highest need is for the release of possums and birds.  We do not overload a site, and keep careful track of what species is sent where, and how many have been released there.  We may use your site two or three times a year, or we may not have any animals at all that need a site for 12 months.  If we release one male brushtail, then the next animal will ideally be a female brushtail.  We can release both ringtails and brushtails overlapping at the same site. 

We have our own release trailers, two in fact!  The trailer is brought to your property, and the animal/s are then placed in it.

We ask our release sites to look after the animals for 4 nights, before opening the trailer (for possums) and sometimes it is a bit longer for birds ( a week or two depending upon species).  This of course includes feeding the animals, and for possums will include obtaining forage for them to eat.   Macropods need a specialist site for release. 

If you are interested in helping our wildlife in this manner, please contact us through our Contact page.  We would love to hear from you!   

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